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Campaign Launches early 2020

Our Project


A Game of Good and Evil

What is it?

Well you see its a 2D rpg.

But Its also a hack and slash

Made in unity

But really its a movie

In Fact its a comedy

(Placeholder Graphics. Not actual in game images.)


Hugely Story driven

We know it, 2d games are an easy commodity, and have been played a million times. However, a story can be told in many ways, and thanks to unity, we as a studio are able to tell a story that reaches farther than any book, movie or game ever has before.


You aren't the main Character

Whats a hot indie game without a generic twist? Inspired by much of greek  and roman mythology, Explore the atrocities of life and embark on an adventure that seems much too familiar

There are no rules

When it comes to getting deep, A game of good and evil has no boundaries (all that fit in M rating). There is no plot or character that is too absurd or too edgy. Inspired by late-night cartoons and controversial politics, The harsh truth is about to be told, and things are about to get weird.


Our Proud


Unfortunately, we have none, but we could really use some! Gaming or not, I want your logo right here, and show you that we care about our friends and supporters!

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Bonzai Game studios has nothing to lose and something to prove. all the way from the unknown lands of Salt Lake City, Utah, We proudly Introduce our selves to the world.

(Getting everyone to take a photo together is hard)


Some Noteable facts

in 2008, Bexley, Seth and Brayden all were in the same 3rd grade class together.

Bexley and Taylor started a band in highschool, and are the best local talent in utah.

Seth Is a culinary apprentice, and when he isn't grilling up a hot steak, he's cooking 5 star graphics and art.




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